Friday, July 01, 2005

Chief Offenders

This section will be used to point out the companies and individuals who are promoting suburban blight in Dallas. Please comment to this message with additions and we will continue building this section out.

"Lakewood is being gentrified," said Sherryl Wesson, manager of Ebby Halliday's Lakewood office. "The average guy's not living there any more." What about families who have lived here for generations? And everybody else who chose to live here because Dallas has character and doesn't look like Frisco?

What can we do about this? First of all, find a realtor who represents you and will get the best value for your property as the SELLER. Second, we're going to be looking for, and recommending responsible realtors who understand and respect the neighborhoods they work in.

Please post your comments here and they will be incorporated into the site. Or call and write these parties and tell them (respectfully) that you don't appreciate what they are doing to our neighborhood, and we are not going to take it sitting down.

J. Gregory Homes - 214-828-4902
The Newport Group - 469-831-0807
Elizabeth Newman Custom Homes - 214-821-6070 -
Bailey Custom Homes - 214-325-4777
Blanchard Homes - 972-841-3055

Diane Benjamin, ReMax - 214-443-1224 -
Scott Jackson, Glenda Jackson - JacksonSells (
Carol Scott, Others, Virginia Cook Realtors -
Sherryl Wesson, Jack White - Ebby Halliday - 972-407-3978
Neil Broussard - Rhodes Real Estate - 214-520-4422

Media - Sorry, I thought, and was wrong, that this was a developer-opinion-only newspaper. But as it turns out, like everything else, they can't talk about our side of the story if we don't talk to them. Thanks to this newspaper for representing the Overlay side of the story as well.


At 4/06/2008 10:09 AM, Blogger Tricia Quaid said...

Dear No McMansions,
I live in North Dallas between Royal and Forest and Preston and the Tollway. What used to be s nice 50's neighborhood is being destroyed by cheap english touret 6,000 sq ft. homes. They are killing Red Oaks and Live Oaks along the way.- In addition, property values are soaring squeezing out renters and older fixed income. Could we purchase no mcmansion signs from you> Could we get guidance from you?
Tricia Quaid
5765 Preston Haven Drive
Dallas, TX 75230


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