Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A good pic from our Preston Hollow neighbors

Preston Hollow (like Lakewood and many other neighborhoods) is going through a similar mess... developers coming in and basically expecting the existing residents to leave. What happens if the fly-by-night developer lets you down?

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At 7/27/2005 4:10 AM, Anonymous Mary said...

Based on the sign, it looks to me like yet another homeowner was driven from their dream home by Toxic Mold. This is a pitiful situation, not fair to the innocent buyers. We have to stop this from happening to other unsuspecting families!

My daughter’s family faced a similar situation in a New Home Neighborhood. She was so excited to purchase a new home in a recently developed cul-de-sac, little did she suspect the neurological horror that lay in wait. Her next-door neighbor’s family moved in about two months before my daughter, and suddenly began experiencing problems. That good, kind family will never recover the financial losses that were incurred as a result of the home purchase, and the neighbor’s husband will never regain the mental function that the Toxic Mold robbed from him! He is on permanent disability, and their three sons now face a lifetime of behavioral problems related to a build-up of toxic mold in their brains. Those poor children suffer needlessly, and their mother is now the sole provider. I begged my daughter and her family to move into our modest home as soon as I learned of the possible dangers, so we could protect them from the same fate. In under a year the entire cul-de-sac lays vacant, every family in the new homes fled for thier lives. Please join me in prayer for this unfortunate family. Lets do everything we can to protect future families from the same fate. No more McMansions!

At 8/02/2005 11:14 PM, Blogger danielle said...

I'm just curious who put up that sign in front of that house? A neighbor? Just to clarify -- this site does not endorse any kind of defacement, including graffiti or vandalism.


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