Saturday, August 13, 2005

Don't believe the hype!

Area realtors and builders have hired professional consultants to start a misinformation campaign that apparently will include radio ads. Please be aware that these people have only their own financial self-interest at heart, which makes anything that they say about the overlay suspect. They may say and do anything to ensure that this overlay tool does not get approved.

Overlay supporter Ken Lampton, also a real estate agent, had a good point when he called the overlay tool a "sheep in wolf's clothing," adding, "It just ain't that powerful, folks." He suggests that the building industry is strongly overreacting to a tool that functions as a "Conservation District lite" for those neighborhoods that choose to pursue it. The tool will not prevent building new homes, it will only help to ensure that new homes fit better into their respective neighborhoods. The fact that this group of realtors and builders wants to deny neighborhoods this tool does not reflect well on them personally or professionally.

In short, don't believe their scare tactics. An overlay district is an _optional_ tool for neighborhoods that are interested in it. If your neighborhood is not interested, just don't apply for one! But there is no reason to keep this tool out of the hands of neighborhoods that do want it.


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