Monday, July 18, 2005

The Site to Fight Suburban Blight

This site will become a gathering place for information on how we, as current homeowners within Dallas, can help preserve the character and value of our neighborhoods.

Content posted on NoMcMansions will include:
-- Action items for helping ensure responsible development in our community;
-- Upcoming community and zoning meetings and meeting notes;
-- Information resources for finding out about development plans and legal countermeasures against irresponsible building practices;
-- Relevant articles (both Dallas local and from other neighborhoods facing the same challenges)
-- Example pictures of offensive houses and the names of the developers and realtors responsible
-- Government and media contact lists to voice our concerns.

Respectful Complaints are OK, but Responsible Action is Better
Many individuals will be posting content to this site, and even more will be commenting on the posts on Please keep the tone of this content oriented around how we can make a positive difference in our neighborhood while still respecting property owner's rights.

Look for more content on this site soon, and thanks for your interest and participation in this process.

Dallas Citizens for Responsible Development


At 7/19/2005 5:10 AM, Anonymous Home DALLAS said...

Hi guys,

I just ran across an interesting statistic here:

In Denver, 42% of home loans for more than $360,000 are interest-only
loans. On an interest-only loan, you pay interest only for the first
5-10 years and then you suddenly start paying principal, usually with
an adjustable rate, meaning your payment most likely suddenly goes
through the roof. It's analogous to a balloon loan or ARM; nobody
intends to stick around that long. So it seems that our older
neighborhoods are being torn down to provide what are essentially
rental homes for people with a taste for ostentation and poorly hung


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