Saturday, August 13, 2005

Please request support for the ORIGINAL ordinance in your letters to the Council

In the last minutes of the City Plan Commission meeting on Thursday night, the Commission recommended modifying the Neighborhood Stabilization Overlay tool in a way that would make it much less effective. The Commission recommended removing the option to limit building height, number of stories, and floor-area ratio. It also suggested raising the required percentage of supporting homeowners from "50% plus 1 person" to 75%, plus another check for 75% once the neighborhood decides on its overlay criteria.

The first three changes would make the tool much less effective in regulating the size of new construction. Setbacks and garage placement would be the main criteria left for neighborhoods to decide. What's worse, the percentage requirement would make it likely that no neighborhood would ever get one of these things passed.

Unfortunately, and unbelievably, there was no coverage of these last-minute changes in the media.

So, if you write a letter in support to the Mayor and City Council, please request support for the original version of the ordinance that was submitted by the Single Family Task Force to the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Council.

Thanks again for your support.


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