Friday, September 09, 2005

Let's say life is a movie

You grow. You buy your ticket. $8. Well I guess prices have gone up.

So you go inside, take your seat, and the movie starts. Maybe you like the movie, or you don't, but you paid for your seat and you're going to watch it.

Then in the middle of the movie, an agent comes over and offers the guy in front of you $10 for his seat. He gets up and leaves, throwing his popcorn all over you. And then, a 16.5 foot guy who pays the agent $24 sits down in front of you. What can you do about it? Complain?

The movie is just getting to the good part. But you can't see it anymore. So, you get up and take your ticket stub to the manager. The manager says, "were all sold out, so how else are we supposed to make more money?" You get angry. "I paid for my seat, and I want to see the movie!" The manager says there is nothing you can do about it, but you are welcome to sit in on their policy discussions.

There has been a lot of talk on the points of what is a reasonable compromise for controlling the destiny of our own neighborhoods. But the main point is, how can you compromise with someone who thinks your seat is worthless, and doesn't care at all about your view? Since we are looking at the possibility of "passing" an ordinance that is unusable and unenforceable, it will happen to you unless you say otherwise.

Hey, since some developers think that "tract homes" that stand for 50 years are disposable, maybe a few years from now, builders will develop the "individual condo" to outshadow the McMansions: a 6-story, single family tower with its own store, gym, cigar room, etc. and a roof-deck that gives a great view of the city, until the 18-story ones come out.

Here's the problem: there are real people being hurt by this. They bought their tickets, they settled down, they live and work in our city. But we're basically expected to understand that your vote, your tax dollars, are really not as important as the next guy's money. Life is like a movie. You only get one ticket.


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