Friday, September 16, 2005

NBC-5 News Story Today - Watch it! Building Battle Brews over McMansions
- Watch the video here!

We know TV news has to move in a hurry, but in this "breaking story," NBC-5 reporter Loriana Hernandez really picked up the essence of what can be a complex issue. And this is the whole point of our site. We are only trying to raise awareness of our right to select, or not select, a Stabilization Overlay tool as originally proposed -- not a different document written by the Home Builder's Association that the council and mayor are currently considering that would give us virtually no way to successfully impose reasonable maximums on new house size vs. lot size.

The online survey results in the 4pm newscast? The tone of the question was actually pretty strong:
"Do you think there should be laws against tearing down houses and building McMansions*?"
- 58% of respondents said YES
- 37% said NO
- 5% didn't know

* Bear in mind, the overlay tool isn't a "law against" teardowns or new construction, but even with this extreme wording, most of the viewing audience was on the YES side!

Neighbor against Neighbor?
Let me also say that we are NOT here to condemn residents who live in these new houses. The house was for sale, you bought it or you had it built, and you like it. Now we can all get along fine. There is nothing we can do about the houses that are already built -- and there is no point in holding any kind of grudge against our new neighbors! However, we'd like to see the ability to responsibly manage FUTURE development, while we still can. That is all!

Thanks again to everyone who has helped raise awareness of these issues so we could bring it to the media's attention.


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