Monday, September 19, 2005

The only thing that beats money is voters.

We live in Dallas. We like it here.

Look around, you can see it. Frisco is attempting to annex Dallas. If you think you are safe because of your current zoning, think again. Because make no mistake, there are lobbyists and professionals working daily to change the face of your neighborhood for a short-term gain.

You have to go to work, like everybody else. You can't hang out while the city council deliberates about your neighborhood on any given workday. So what can you do? WRITE your councilmember, CALL them, and simply say "I want the ability to control the destiny of my own neighborhood!"

There is no "tool" in place to save you other than your vote.
The proposal now in front of the mayor and the council is not any form of the original ordinance we spent countless community meetings working on with Forward!Dallas or the Single Family Housing Task Force. It was not arrived at through any compromise with residents. No, it was written by the Home Builder's Organization, and it effectively gives them the ability to shut down any opposition through unachievable petition requirements and unenforceable limits.

If you don't speak up now, face it, most of your block may be replaced. And then, who cares what you think about "the way it was?"


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